list maker,
coffee lover,
baby snuggler.

Heather is married to her best friend Greg, and they have one child, Easton. 

Heather has an eye for attention to detail. She enjoys making lists, wise counsel, coffee, and pretty much every baby or dog she encounters. If you see her ask her to tell you more about her story! 

Psalm 37:4

hi friends, i'm heather.


"MDC exsists to help you out in whatever season of life you are in." 

Back in 2014 I was in a season of life where I felt like I had dug myself into a major hole. Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally, Physically,-basically all the “allys” you can think of. What I didn’t know at the time, was that it wasn’t a hole at all, it was just another layer on the foundation, that God was using to prepare me for my passion in serving others. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, both of my parents had owned their own successful businesses but that wasn’t something that ever really appealed to me, or so I thought. I held hostage for so long the courage to take the leap. What started out as a “side hustle” to make ends meet, has turned into one of the biggest most rewarding blessings in my life. MDC went from a side hustle to employing teams of other women in just one year. 

If there are only certain areas of your home you need help in, we can help too! We value time just as much as the next person and know how little we have. We want to help make yours count. I think as women we have a hard time asking for help and we shouldn’t!!! We try and juggle everything ourselves and then feel ashamed when we can’t get it all done! The world is so demanding of our time, and that looks different for everyone. You deserve to feel peace and clean sheets when your head hits the pillow at night. Peace that one more thing on your never ending to do list is checked off by our team! 

A clean home allows you to feel better emotionally and let’s face it you can get more things done in a clean environment then you can in a dirty one, not to mention for our health! Say yes to one less thing, call us today and let’s talk about what that looks like for you! 

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Heather is great! My house looked awesome and smelled SO good. I am glad I have found someone to come clean my house that I can trust. 


Modern Day Cinderella is, by far, the best cleaning service I have ever used. She offers a wide variety of cleaning services and is trustworthy, dependable, and professional. And believe me, I'm picky!


I can't thank Heather enough for coming into our home and taking care of it like it was her own. She has done so much to help us feel at home. We are so grateful to have met her and so glad she's now part of our family! We love you Heather!


Modern Day Cinderella just recently cleaned my house. Not only was it spotless but more importantly, it freed me up to spend more time with my kiddos instead of constantly cleaning! Thank you, Heather, for doing such a great job!


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